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Day 2: Whole30 (Self-Efficacy & Potentially Moby)

There is a term in the health-behavior-change world called self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is your belief in your ability to succeed in specific situations. To put it plainly, in order to complete all 30 days of your Whole30 with no slips or off-plan choices, you need to believe that you can complete all 30 days of your Whole30.

—The Whole30 Daily

When I started this round of Whole30, I set 3 main daily goals (lights out by 10 PM; 20 minutes yoga; 30 minutes hip rehab activities) plus 3 secondary daily goals (30–60 minutes of walking or biking; a full 60 minutes of yoga if possible; 15 minutes journaling). I think I might need to promote journaling to a 4th primary goal, because experience tells me that I’ll need that time/process to talk myself through/into meeting this plan’s goals. Self-efficacy is a do-it-yourself project; you build it page by page. I need someone to convince me that I can silence the cravings and eat for fuel rather than entertainment, and maybe I’m the best person to do that.

The W30 folks strongly suggest hanging out in and contributing to their forums, where folks ask questions, get answers, and support each other through ups and downs. I can’t quite get into that scene, for some reason (not enough sarcasm involved, maybe? It’s a fairly sincere group), and I don’t have any friends or relatives doing this plan, so I’m a one-person support group. Gotta make that journaling a serious habit, yo.

Harper's illustrated the article with this photo, but no caption. Who ARE these people? Is that Moby?

Harper’s illustrated the article with this photo, but no caption. Who ARE these people? Is that Moby?

Harper’s Bazaar tells me I have plenty of company in this endeavor on Instagram (“Instagram’s Newest Food Obsession”), but I don’t do Instagram either. HB notes that W30 “has found a network amongst the selfies and cat photos of Instagram, with people documenting what they ate and cooked with a new hashtag marking each day. And if you can’t have any cookies, maybe getting a bunch of likes is the next best thing.” The pursuit of Likes sounds exhausting, though, doesn’t it? I’m building self-efficacy, not shooting for the approval of strangers (this is also why I don’t date, which is the ultimate quest for Likes; yikes).

True fact: a batch of homemade brownies appeared in the office kitchen today. “Nope, Whole 30,” I said to myself and to the brownies, and just walked away, like a bad ass.


One comment on “Day 2: Whole30 (Self-Efficacy & Potentially Moby)

  1. […] is a blessing. I’m doing lots of cycling these days as well, which is contributing to the sense of self-efficacy that is crucial to carrying out a stringent dietary plan like this. See, I read a while back that […]

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