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Day 4: Chasing the Sugar Dragon

Mandatory Music: you must listen to this Steely Dan song about chasing the dragon while reading this post:

The Whole30 folks characterize the cravings for sweets as the sugar dragon. In street parlance (of the 1970/80s anyway, when Steely Dan recorded their song), chasing the dragon means boiling up some heroin to inhale the vapors. While a sugar addiction is hard to kick, it is a magnitude easier than kicking heroin. In fact, research indicates that the average craving will pass within 3 to 5 minutes, so I’m going to make a list of things I can do if a craving hits hard. Right off the top of my head: go write a blog post and do it now, so I don’t miss the 10PM lights out goal for this day. Ooops, better go soon.

True fact: I gorged on a small banana and a Lara bar (Apple Pie) back to back this afternoon, which I mention to put in perspective what a gorge is now—not, you know, an entire pie, but starchy and sweet fruits and nuts. Of course, a Lara bar is pretty much a candy bar compared to, say, a green apple and a handful of nuts but not when compared to an ACTUAL candy bar. Check it:

  Lara Bar (Apple Pie) Snickers
Calories 190 250
Fat 10g 12g
Sodium 5mg 120mg
Total Carb 24g 33g
Fiber 5g 1g
Sugar 18g 27g
Protein 4g 4g

 27 grams of sugar? Fuck right off, Snickers; that’s just excessive.

In Related News

See SnackGirl’s smackdown between a Snickers and a Clif Bar.

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