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Day 5: Whole30 (“GOD BLESS”)

"Start a blog or something:" the new fuck off

“Start a blog or something:” the new “fuck off”

As I mentioned yesterday, research indicates that the average craving will pass within 3 to 5 minutes, but research doesn’t give any stats for when your daughter is sitting next to you eating a bowl of cake balls she made last night. I do feel somewhat shielded from temptation by the 5 days of sugar abstinence I’ve put in, as the longer I go without carby crap, the stronger I feel.

I find that knowing I’m going to write a public account of or response to my day also helps strengthen my resolve (if approximately 3 to 8 readers counts as public). I recently saw this sign on the side of a truck, and was tickled by the suggestion that the vandals turn to blogging as an alternative to defacing vehicles. I can tell you right now that I have defaced no vehicles today, and the world has WordPress to thank.

True fact: I made 4 lunches and 4 breakfasts today, to get me safely through the rest of the week at the office.


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