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Day 8: Whole30 (Plateau Fo’ Sho’)

Here’s a new and encouraging perspective I read today (full text follows, from the Go Kaleo blog). Typically, the only thoughts or advice you ever see on hitting a plateau are how to bust out/off of one.  I like how this philosophy accounts for “cycling between periods of change and periods of maintaining change,” and can be applied to any kind of plateau (not just a physique-related one).

Is It Bad To Plateau?

By Sean Flanagan

Some real quick food for thought today.   I think it was Alan Aragon that originally got me thinking about this.

When it comes to fat loss, plateauing is often viewed as a terrible thing.    “Damn those plateaus!”

This is really unfortunate.   Plateauing, while perhaps not as exciting as seeing change, is a really critical aspect of your success.

When you plateau, you’re practicing stabilizing your results (whether consciously or unconsciously).   If you went from 200 lbs to 190 lbs and you’re now stabilizing 190, you are reinforcing the skills that are important for weight maintenance.    How are you going to maintain your goal weight, let’s say of 150, if you can’t maintain 190?

That IS the end goal, right?  To get to a certain range and then KEEP your results?    You’re not planning on losing 30 lbs and then gaining it all back….are you?

In addition, if you’re maintaining your weight, then you’re at maintenance calories.   So you’re giving your brain and body a break from a calorie deficit.    This is really important long term for keeping you feeling good and mentally fresh.

At the risk of being pretentious as I quote myself (from Facebook).  “How to lose 100 lbs:   Lose 5 lbs 20 times.”

That’s not just a matter of breaking up big goals into bite sized chunks, though that’s important too.    But it’s also a matter of cycling between periods of change and periods of maintaining change.    Developing the experience of maintaining your results is absolutely critical.

So don’t resent plateaus.  If anything, plan for them.

You can (and should) follow Sean over at his Facebook Page(https://www.facebook.com/SeanFlanaganHealth) and you can download his free Ebook “The No B.S. Guide to Health-First Fat Loss” here at http://fitwomanblueprint.com/special-report/

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