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Day 9: Whole30 (Hannipals)

Seriously, CREEPY, right?

Seriously, CREEPY, right?

A primary goal for this month is to enforce lights out every night at 10. (Obtaining adequate sleep is a key component of the Whole30.) It’s not been too much of a problem so far, but tonight I’ll be watching Hannibal at 9, and that’s not a show I want the lights out for—before, during, or after. On previous Fridays, I’ve stayed up to ingest a good dose of comedy after Hannibal in order to dispel the overwhelming sense of inexorable, relentless, coldblooded sadism. I watch it with my daughter (we’re Hannipals!)(she hates it when I say that)(ha ha) and we find comfort in each other’s presence as we ride the terrifying rollercoaster of this show.

OK, I’m not making this sound like a pleasant way to spend time, but seriously, it is a great show! It is unlike anything you’ve seen on network TV, probably, and certainly unlike any of the previous incarnations of this story or these characters. Hannibal is a gorgeous, baroque, pitch-black murder opera (but without any singing). The sets, the costumes, the cinematography, the cheekbones (Mads Mikkelsen), the jawline (Hugh Dancy), the serial-killings-as-fuckedup-art-projects, the FOOD, are all perfectly pitched and choreographed. The way the director (or whoever) composes the shots is stunning—scenes in Hannibal’s office often look like oil paintings. 

Anyway, back to the food at Hannibal’s house: stunning. You don’t have to watch the show to get an eyeful of the design and craft that goes into the meals that he serves; the food stylist has a blog on this very topic: Feeding Hannibal. A must read!

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