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Day 10: Whole30 (Adaptation)

114 minutes of confusion

114 minutes of confusion

You ever see that crazy movie Adaptation? Starring crazy Nicolas Cage as a pair of twins? Other than a general sense of confusion, I most remember one of the twins saying to the other, in response to a terminal case of unrequited love, “You are what you love, not what loves you.” Isn’t that nice?

Also nice: I think I’m becoming “fat adapted,” a legendary, possibly mythical status one is supposed to achieve upon eating a low-carb high-fat diet. I think I’ve reached this highly desirable state because I have so little appetite, but not lacking appetite in a sickly way. Just: food, meh. It’s quite lovely to rest in this lack of interest and/or obsession with food; it’s quite peaceful here. The calorie tracker (Daily Burn) tells me I’m still in a healthy range, but staying in that range is super easy. Actually losing percentages of fat after 40 is nigh impossible, so I won’t be surprised if my body composition doesn’t change much, but GOODNESS it is a relief not to be fixated on when I get to eat next. And so, on to Day 11!

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