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Day 17-19: Whole30 (Rollers)

Me: not pictured

Me: not pictured

Saturday was such a lovely, calming day, with lots of walking to and from errands and sitting on my patio enjoying the cool evening. Sunday I set out for an out-and-bike ride on Parmer Lane, which features some nice rollers (rolling hills) through ranch land. I’ve done the 25-mile ride there a few times, but this Sunday morning decided to go for 35, which took me to an unfamiliar section with some tremendous downhills. At one point I was going 35 mph, which was a hoot, although I did realize that I’d have to go back UP those hills on the way back. I was feeling so strong, I thought of going for 50 miles (farther than I’ve ever ridden) but decided to do the sensible thing and stick to 35. So I took a U-turn and found out why I felt so strong on the way out: a massive wind had been at my back and was now in my face. I had to laugh at myself, and was mighty relieved I hadn’t tried for 50, as I had no nutrition with me. Took me an hour to go out, and 90 minutes to get back, and I was righteously ravenous. One key to success at the Whole30 is to always be prepared, and bring your own food. I’d failed on the score this particular morning, so I pulled into the nearest coffeehouse (rather far from civilization at the time) and had a sugar-added carton of oatmeal. Yikes, added sugar is so overpoweringly sweet now.

Maybe it was Sunday’s sugar burst or just an inevitable development at this point, but today took a turn for the aggravated: I didn’t want to police my every bite of food, I just wanted to grab a bagel or snack on some crackers. So easy, so tasty, so very convenient. I didn’t take the required hours this weekend to do all the kitchen prep and cooking necessary to ensure that W30-compliant meals are ready to go. I’ve begun resenting the time entailed.

True fact: After buying a burger and fries for my daughter this evening, I reached over and grabbed a few fries and started to put them in my mouth. My ever-alert teen GRABBED my hand and pulled it away from my mouth, reclaiming the fries and hollering “NO, MAMA! You’ll only be disappointing yourself!” I cracked UP. Her enthusiasm for my adherence to the program bolstered my spirits and I made a green smoothie to snack on instead.

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