3 Steps Toward the Door

(Do you have that Lynyrd Skynyrd song in your head right now? You totally do, right?)

So, I need to get a handle on my vocational situation. I’ve got a job as a technical editor (but engineering-technical, not computer-technical, which would give me so many more options), but it’s not a career, and it’s become a high-risk, low-reward situation as our funding is uncertain after the next 2 fiscal years elapse AND we’re not getting raises. I’ve been looking for another editor gig, but that’s not something folks seem to be hiring for any more. I need to retool my resume and also build up some new skills right quick to match up with what I’m seeing on the market right now, something more along the lines of “content manager” or “communications coordinator.” I’ll confess to being daunted by the prospect of finding a new job, one that can actually become a career. Thus, I’ve decided to come up with 3 steps to get started, to get some momentum going.

1. Investigate getting a masters in communication. I work for a university, and can possibly spend the next two years (the time we have left before our funding goes wonky) getting a masters for free, assuming I can get accepted into the program. I don’t know if a degree will actually help with practical skills, so I’m going to set a lunch appointment with a pal who recently graduated from the program to get the scoop on what it is actually for.

2. Get good at social media. I’ve been made responsible for my workplace’s social media (no raise for the extra duties, though!) and I’m enjoying it, but don’t have a strategy and don’t know quite what I’m doing. I’ve got a few weeks of a free promo period left with HootSuite University; I’ll work through that material and see if it provides some strategy or tactics, something I can use to put together a communications plan on paper (and on my resume).

3. Just start applying for things. My resume retooling muscle is quite atrophied and I need to start building it up. The more versions I have at the ready, the quicker I can respond when I see something juicy come up. Also, I need to get some practice interviews in, as going into one rusty can have dire consequences–which I know from experience, sadly. Going on some interviews for some jobs I’m not completely psyched about would be great practice, but I need to apply to those jobs first, so. OK, I’m going to apply for five things this week, just to see what happens.

3 comments on “3 Steps Toward the Door

  1. Getting back in the habit of applying is a great step! p.s. We pick up our second car tomorrow and then I am my own chauffeur again, for good! 🙂

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