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4 Delightfully Illustrated Desk-Adjacent Exercises

I‘m trying to focus on the positive today, as it is Election Day, and Nate Silver prophesied that the kickass and inspirational Wendy Davis had only a 0.06% chance of winning against the reptilian Greg Abbot for Texas governor. Also, Austin has a great opportunity to build another mass transit rail line using matching federal funds, but the anti-rail lobby has been out lying up a storm about the proposal, which was also voted on today. I’m afraid to turn on the TV and find out what happened. Instead, I’m bopping around my house tidying up and eating raisins and feeling the breeze—a cold front is coming in and that cool wind feels amazing, wafting in through my open windows. And I’m revisiting a great little guide to some exercises you can do at your desk while continuing to work. Incorporating movement into your office-centric day is so important; your body will thank you if you give it some stimulation during office hours. As a plantar fasciitis sufferer, I can tell you the first exercise listed (ankle rolls) may seem too insignificant to bother with, but ankle mobility is key to keeping your entire chain of movement healthy. So, reproduced below is the first exercise; go check out all four at Verily magazine. EXERCISE #1: Rockin’ Ankle Roll Block_Ankle Roll Use this warm-up to get some blood flowing down to your toes. Starting with your feet flat on the floor and back straight, against the back of your chair, briefly glance down to make sure that your knees and feet are hip-distance apart. Also make sure your feet are pointing straight ahead and parallel to one another. Then, attention can go back to your computer screen. Pull your belly button to your spine and sit up tall. Next, lift both heels off the floor keeping your weight on your big toes, and bring them back down. Do this for three sets of 10-20 ankle rolls. If you want to change it up, alternate feet bringing one heel up while the other is down, then switch.

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