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5 Fun Facts About Concussions

X-ray indicates no skull fracture: yay!

X-ray indicates no skull fracture: yay!

In honor of my currently concussed child, I present the following list. This post’s subtitle is “I feel like a jackass for not taking my kid to the doctor earlier after she fainted at school, but there were extenuating circumstances, see?”

1. Only 10% of people who sustain concussions lose consciousness. That means my fainting daughter is exceptional!

2. 66% of teenagers who suffered a concussion did not feel it was serious enough to tell an adult. In contrast, I am the adult who said “eh, it’s just a bump on the head; you’ll be fine,” meaning our current resident concussion went undiagnosed for almost 48 hours. Feeling great about that!

3. Immediate consequences of concussions include blurred vision, headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, or unconsciousness. See, she lost consciousness FIRST and THEN got a concussion as a result, so I didn’t suspect full-on concussion because she had none of the other symptoms, except her head hurt, but then she did have a bump on it, so why wouldn’t it hurt? I know the losing-consciousness part sounds bad in itself, but it was due to some in-class material dealing explicitly with transfusions for a hemophiliac, and she has a massive needle phobia. Also, she’s currently in a play where her character faints, so she’s been play-fainting and I think that simple fact contributed to real-world fainting in response to her needle phobia being activated.

4. People who suffer from concussions generally fully recover quickly. In some cases, symptoms can last for days or weeks. You know what doesn’t help with concussion diagnosis? Sustaining one the day after a time change. Yes, my child is extra tired and has trouble concentrating, but who doesn’t this week? Those symptoms are going to be lingering for all of us for maybe another week. Stupid time change.

5. Concussions are more common among males than females. My child is helping to break that particular glass ceiling (with her head, sadly).

Source of above facts

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