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8 Is Too Many Cooks

If you are of a certain age, you grew up with a certain style of sitcom/drama intros, where the characters fake-smile into the camera while the actor names appear at the bottom of the screen, which is soundtracked by some sappy song. Here’s a good example: the Eight Is Enough intro.

Apparently just to fuck with people, Adult Swim has produced their own version of the 80s TV show intro, which it started airing without introduction or explanation at 4AM, like a special form of brutality for the stoners and unhappy insomniacs just trying to chill. It is 12 minutes long and has to be seen to be believed. AV Club describes it as “a clever sitcom spoof that slowly metastasizes into a full blown case of deconstructive insanity.” The theme song will bore its way into your brains, repeating ceaselessly for the rest of the day, while the contents of the video itself will haunt your dreams. Spoiler: Smarf actually plays a pivotal role. Dig it:


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