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$16 and change gets us to the front of the line

Yay, Austin!

Yay, Austin!

I love the winter holiday time. I love my carefully curated holiday songlist, the two weeks off from work (my workplace shuts down between Xmas and New Years), the general air of festivity, and colored lights. I love colored lights! I don’t like crowds much, though, and truly hate standing in line, so I’ve only been to Austin’s Trail of Lights one year. Trail of Lights is the Godzilla of holiday light displays, winding through Zilker Park. There’s also a big tree of lights (shown below) constructed out of a pole and long, long strings of light that you can see for miles. 

We tried to go last year, but gave up when we realized JUST how long that line was. This year I’m not fooling around: I found out there’s such a thing called a ZiP  Fast Pass, which allows entry to the Trail of Lights 45 minutes before the main gate opens and front-of-the-line gate entry privileges at any time. (Plus: access to the ZiP Hospitality Lounge featuring heaters and private restrooms.) It’s $15 each (plus a $1.50 online ticketing fee) so me and my kiddo can kick off winter break in major festivity withOUT standing in line.

Holidays the #ATX way! #trailoflights

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