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26 Words

Haven’t been able to run or strength-train this week and, man, am I getting crunchy and cranky. Nothing finer than getting sweaty and then stretching out.

22 Words

Squatted, lunged, burpeed, mountain-climbered, donkey-kicked, planked, pushupped, biceped, triceped, shouldered, stretched, rolled, and smoothied my way through the morning. It was delightful.

21 Words

Clean house, clean laundry, clean car, clean meals; now watching Season 2 Alias with Steve and Chloe. Earned this total chill.

20 Words

Dinner was a dazzling combination of waffles, peanut butter, orange juice, Live Oak, and Twix. But not in that order.

19 Words

When breakfast is black coffee and lunch is a double mocha, sleep stays away. “Clearly I’m not wanted here.”

18 Words

OK, today I’m watching Alias instead of going to the gym, but it is the Quentin Tarantino episode.

17 Words

Went to the gym instead of lying around watching Season 1 Alias because I am a HERO.