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Day 1 of National Bike Month: Mark Ronson

Hey, it’s National Bike Month! I haven’t been riding much in months, because I’m not training this year (in a semi-voluntary vacation from triathlon) and my dog & daughter are both rather demanding in terms of transportation this year. (I once let my dog drive herself to the vet, but that didn’t end well.) So, to celebrate along with the rest of the bike world, I’ve decided to ride every single day in May. Today’s ride was an ultra-relaxing wheeled strolling around my neighborhood. Took out the mountain bike in just street clothes and sneakers, no lycra or clips (not even a helmet), and just wandered around with zero exertion, feeling the wind on my skin. I’m supremely chill right now; it’s been years and years since I just went out and goofed off on a bike. Usually its training or transportation, and I got somewhere I gotta be. Well, this month is gonna be fun. Like as much fun as the guy in this video is having.

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