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Day 2 of National Bike Month: Prefab Sprout

Today’s biking foray was only a short transpo spin to my new sister’s new apartment nearby, to sit on the couch all afternoon visiting with the fam. So I cleaned house when I got home just to get some activity in. In honor of this second day, here’s a piece of flawless heartbreak pop from Two Wheels Good, the 1985 Prefab Sprout album. “It’s perfect as it stands, so why then crush it in your perfect hands?” Gorgeous! “I’ve got six things on my mind; you’re no longer one of them.” Are you kidding me? So good. This is one of their Thomas-Dolby-produced albums, and you can really hear Dolby’s craft and complexity, coupled with singer Paddy McAloon’s poetic lyrics. The entirety of Two Wheels Good is perfection and Prefab Sprout is ridiculously underrated in the US, and I’m sure this blog post is going to change all that, so I can go to bed feeling like I’ve done something today. Here’s the song “Desire As”:

Oh wait, you HAVE to hear “Bonny” off of Two Wheels Good as well. Another heartbreaker that demands all-day listening. HOW DID THEY MAKE A SONG THIS GOOD?

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