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Day 6 of NBM: Go Bike to Sleep

RJ, first day of 5th grade (2010)

RJ, first day of 5th grade (2010), accidentally matching her hair to her clothes to her bike.

Today was the national Bike to School Day! I celebrated by driving my daughter to school in our car and then returning home to sleep til 12:30. An unconventional approach, sure, but we all have to observe Bike to School Day in our own way. I didn’t sleep last night (maybe because of the giant iced coffee I had at noon?)(and also last night’s thunderstorm) and I was feeling crappy anyway, so sick day until about 1:30. Then I pulled myself together and began editing a paper on choice modeling, which a terrible thing to be editing or even thinking about, and then picked up my daughter in the car.

I actually bought her a bike specifically for her use in getting herself to and from high school. She rode it on the first day of 9th grade, and then utterly abandoned the very idea, as she discovered that 1) she arrived at school drenched in sweat, because it was August in Texas, and 2) coming home is actually a gradual uphill slope and the single-speed she’d picked out was not ideal. Also, 3) she is SUPER lazy, so. Back in elementary school, when we lived in a ridiculously hilly neighborhood, she’d psyche herself up to tackle the biggest hill on the way home by imagining there were breakfast tacos at the top. So I thought she was going to be a real badass in life, if she had already figured out self-incentivization by 5th grade. She probably will turn out to be a badass, but adolescence is taking a lot out of her right now, as it does out of everyone, so to the car it is. One day she will be cured of adolescence and will reclaim her former badassery.

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