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Day 11 of NBM: 10 vs 11 Speeds

I ran across this handy comparison of 10- and 11-speeds. It is on the Performance Bikes blog, so you have to take it with caution. Performance is national retailer who has good prices on stuff, but you should hesitate before taking their advice and NEVER let them touch your bike. They have people dressed as mechanics, contained with a service-like area, standing around holding mechanics tools, but they are not mechanics (just people who I guess finished a training course or employee orientation or something) and WILL fuck up your ride. Anyway, I thought the Performance blog post was an interesting read. When I got my road bike, I went down to a compact crank on the front and miss that granny gear on these Austiny hills (yes, I know I should just become a stronger rider, but I should also floss every day, so). I hadn’t considered going up in gears in the back (currently just at 7, not 10). Something to think about when I upgrade in a few years, anyway, when I am that much older and closer to the grave and still not strong on hills.

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