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Day 15 of NBM: Rainy Day Swag

This morning's haul.

This morning’s haul.

It was a super-rainy Bike to Work Day today, so I didn’t get the kind of massive haul that’ I’ve gotten the last two years (2013 and 2014). I stopped at only 3 of the 10 stations I’d planned on, because I feel the need to go much slower in the rain and slowly hitting 10 stations around the city takes some time. And I did need to get to work, after all. I hit Thunderbird for coffee, Quack’s Bakery for coffee and an oat bar, and Wheatsville Co-op for coffee and everything else. Wheatsville always has a deluxe setup with multiple vendors. This year’s Bike Austin bag had a free pass for B-Cycle too, which is cool—those funny red rental bikes with the super-low frames and enormous baskets are fun for short distances (that don’t include hills). I sported a bright yellow poncho to keep my backpack dry (no chance of keeping anything else dry) and it worked perfectly. What a blast to ride in the rain, even if slowly!

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