Day 15 of NBM: Rainy Day Swag

It was a super-rainy Bike to Work Day today, so I didn’t get the kind of massive haul that’ I’ve gotten the last two years (2013 and 2014). I stopped at only 3 of the 10 stations I’d planned on, because I feel the need to go much slower in the rain and slowly hitting […]

Day 12 of NBM: Major Taylor’s 12 Rules for Clean Living, Illustrated

Major Taylor was the first African-American to win the world track cycling championship. Track cycling is the one where the riders go around an indoor track as fast as possible on bikes with no brakes and no gears—just one fixed gear. For Major Taylor to win the world championship in 1899, he obviously had to […]

Day 11 of NBM: 10 vs 11 Speeds

I ran across this handy comparison of 10- and 11-speeds. It is on the Performance Bikes blog, so you have to take it with caution. Performance is national retailer who has good prices on stuff, but you should hesitate before taking their advice and NEVER let them touch your bike. They have people dressed as […]

Day 10 of NBM: Yesod

I read a delightful article today entitled “My Daughter’s Ten Bicycles,” in which a Jewish man considers the 10 dimensions in which he bought his daughter a single bicycle. A lovely read, it is based on a 500-year-old description of the universe as a manifestation of the Creator’s 10 attributes: Chochmah (wisdom) Binah (understanding) Daat (knowledge) Chessed (love) Gevurah (might, […]

Day 9 of NBM: I Got You On Tape

Today I participated in the worst kind of bicycling: a spin class. It was not the worst possible situation, in that the room had huge windows looking out on a scenic vista. The worst possible situation involves a class in a windowless room, where the sweating cyclists steam up windows that aren’t even there, and all […]

Day 6 of NBM: Go Bike to Sleep

Today was the national Bike to School Day! I celebrated by driving my daughter to school in our car and then returning home to sleep til 12:30. An unconventional approach, sure, but we all have to observe Bike to School Day in our own way. I didn’t sleep last night (maybe because of the giant […]

Day 5 of NBM: Cinco de Biko

Day 5 of NBM: Cinco de Biko

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s Cinco de Mayo today, and not Day of the Dead. But Day of the Dead iconography is much more interesting, and also November 1 is so far away. More importantly, Day 5 marks the first day of National Bike Month I haven’t been able to ride my bike. I was […]