Day 8 of NBM: Infinity Bikes

Day 7 of NBM: Frozen Yoga

Tonight’s hour of hot yoga just did me in & I fell into bed instead of going for the night ride that’s become my custom this past week. I’m psyched for tomorrow’s bike commute, though. And so to bed.

Day the Fourth of NBM: Kessel Run Edition

Day the Fourth of NBM: Kessel Run Edition

Many of these images are from here.

Days 23-27: Whole30 (The Lost 5 Days)

Man, lack of sleep sure fuzzes me out—middle age has a way of exaggerating every small deficiency. We’ve a couple nights of thunderstorms that woke me up and worried my dog, and the ensuing fogginess has lasted for days. Also I’ve been staying up late reading a fascinating book titled What Makes Your Brain Happy […]

5 Reasons I’m Blogging

Tonight I’m going to Live Mom‘s Bloggin’ Mama Social, a meetup of mom bloggers in Austin. I’ll be meeting lots of other bloggers, and I’m interested to find out why they all blog. Here’s my listicle of why I blog. 1. The concept behind this blog is that I post each day with content somehow […]

12.21: The Best Early Christmas Gift

Today we scored a DVD of Sharknado at a White Elephant party. We went directly to the grocery store for popcorn and candy and then home to immerse ourselves in the Sharknado experience. I had heard about all the insanity involved, but witnessing it in person makes all the difference. This movie is so far […]