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Day 11 of NBM: 10 vs 11 Speeds

I ran across this handy comparison of 10- and 11-speeds. It is on the Performance Bikes blog, so you have to take it with caution. Performance is national retailer who has good prices on stuff, but you should hesitate before taking their advice and NEVER let them touch your bike. They have people dressed as […]

11 Saucy Syllables

I was reading today about the hendecasyllable, which is the 11-syllable line used in ancient Greek and Latin poetry. Medieval poets used this line as well, including such heavy hitters as Dante. In English poetry, the term hendecasyllable refers to a line of iambic pentameter with an extra beat on the end (A thing of […]

Days 11 & 12: Whole30 (3rd Chakra A’spinning)

The Whole30 chill is upon me, and I’m relaxed around food, which is a blessing. I’m doing lots of cycling these days as well, which is contributing to the sense of self-efficacy that is crucial to carrying out a stringent dietary plan like this. See, I read a while back that bicycling strengthens the 3rd […]

Here’s the 4-11

Mary J. Blige ain’t having that.

Going to 11

I’ve held off an entire year before using this clip. This clip is 1 louder, isn’t it?

11.11: Austin’s/America’s Oldest Vet

I read today in the Austinist that the nation’s oldest veteran (107!) lives in my town, Austin TX. This whole thing is fantastic; note the morning whiskey and daily cigars: 107-year-old Bastrop County-born Richard Overton is believed to be the oldest living veteran in the country, and he still calls Austin his home. He spent Veterans Day […]

5.11 Ride Report: Armadillo Classic

Today I rode the Armadillo Hill Country Classic—a lovely charity ride sponsored by the Austin Cycling Association, which uses the proceeds to fund cycling safety education programs and Central Texas bike advocacy efforts. They offer routes ranging from 14 to 105 miles. I did 42 miles—from Liberty Hill to Bertram and back. My longest ride […]