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13 Words

How do we not have a cure for insomnia yet? Another miracle needed.

Day 13: Whole30 (“Oh Well”)

I’m reading a book called The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person by Judith Beck. This book offers a slew of techniques to control your eating based on cognitive therapy. It’s built on a 6-week schedule wherein you adopt a new facet of the program each day, essentially creating […]

13 Fun Facts

Today’s date (12.13.2013), if broken down into individual digits (1+2+1+3+2+0+1+3) equals 13. In the Catholic church, the number 13 is associated with St. Anthony of Padua (the patron saint of lost items, and the subject of the invocation “Tony, Tony, come on down; something’s lost and can’t be found). In Judaism, God shows 13 kinds […]

13 Jean Ralphio Episodes

Remember Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, my current favorite TV character? His only flaw is that he has appeared on Parks and Rec only 13 times in 4 seasons. For ease of reference and everyone’s enjoyment, here’s a list of those episodes, so you can just concentrate on those when Netflixing. The Set Up (14 January 2010)   […]

13 Mundane Things I Did on Friday the 13th

1. Swam 2 laps in Quarry Lake with fragments of Katie Perry’s Teenage Dream in my head. 2. Went to Whole Foods and ate pecan/rice crackers with almond butter for dinner. 3. Started off the day with a wake and plank: front, both sides, and a straight arm plank. 4. Had my plantar fascia stripped […]

Garbage’s 13 Cover

Rumor has it that this is Alex Chilton’s favorite cover of the Big Star song “Thirteen.”

13 Reasons to Watch Arrow

OK, admittedly Arrow (the TV adaptation of the Green Arrow) is not so great. It has the hallmark of annoying television casting: a high school student who appears to be a chainsmoking 28-year-old. And silly plot twists and unlikely coincidences and bullets that never seem to hit the good guys and so forth. But Buzzfeed […]