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Day 15 of NBM: Rainy Day Swag

It was a super-rainy Bike to Work Day today, so I didn’t get the kind of massive haul that’ I’ve gotten the last two years (2013 and 2014). I stopped at only 3 of the 10 stations I’d planned on, because I feel the need to go much slower in the rain and slowly hitting […]

15 Minutes of Undivided Attention to Kim Kardashian (Sort of)

I’ve never given Kim Kardashian much thought, or any of the Kardashians, for that matter. But I’m going to give her my full attention for the next 15 minutes while I free-write some thoughts in  response to her photos released this week. When someone strikes me as an attention whore, my brain automatically shuts off […]

Day 15: Whole30 (Waiting for Trigger)

Today I was in an MRI machine, participating in a research study on the relationship between cardiovascular health and cognition. I’d never had an MRI before, and between the disconcerting variety and loudness of the noises in an all-white, confining space with stuff strapped to my head, I felt like I was living inside some […]

15 Is Flammable

Number 15 on the periodic table of elements is phosphorus, which means “light bringer” in Greek. The scientist who bestowed that name upon it in 1669 (in response to discovering that white phosphorus glows faintly in the presence of oxygen) produced the first batch of this element for study by extracting it from a series […]

15 Days Late: Planksgiving

Oh no, it’s the 15th, and I’ve just discovered the Planksgiving Challenge! That’s all right: I’ve actually been planking pretty much every day for the last few weeks anyway. I call it the “wake and plank” approach: as soon as my alarm goes off, I roll out of bed onto the floor and do four […]

Hey, it’s the 15th: new Night Vale post!

The #1 podcast on iTunes right now is Welcome to Night Vale, an utterly compelling fictional community radio station’s broadcast about the town of Night Vale, a Tim-Burtonesque town in the desert where hooded figures roam the dog park (no dogs allowed) and a glowing cloud rains dead small mammals upon the populace, then becomes […]

15 Reasons Jean Ralphio Is the Best

Exciting development: Buzzfeed has a feature listing the 15 Reasons Jean-Ralphio From “Parks & Recreation” Is An Awesome Human Being. However, those are just gifs. To get the whole picture—the full Jean Ralphio experience—you need to see him in ACTION. Here’s the Jean Ralphio supercut (which NBC will not let me embed): Parks and Recreation: […]