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17 Words

Went to the gym instead of lying around watching Season 1 Alias because I am a HERO.

17-Year-Old Gets Into 1st AT&T Contract

Day 17-19: Whole30 (Rollers)

Saturday was such a lovely, calming day, with lots of walking to and from errands and sitting on my patio enjoying the cool evening. Sunday I set out for an out-and-bike ride on Parmer Lane, which features some nice rollers (rolling hills) through ranch land. I’ve done the 25-mile ride there a few times, but […]

12.17: A Coffin Upon the Sea

Today is the feast day of St. Olympias of Constantinople, a gal who started off as a socialite of sorts and then later became kind of a bad ass. Born somewhere around 365, she was named after an aunt who was once engaged to a Roman emperor (but then married another king instead). Her family […]

17 Tattoos for the Terrified

I am straight-up lifting the following material from an NYT piece by comedy writer Frank Lesser (on Twitter @sadmonsters). I’m a big fan of tattoos; I have 2 myself: one arm band and one torso band (wraps from my solar plexus to the small of my back); both are Celtic-themed and I’ve never regretted either, happy […]

Here, Have Some Heaven 17

Ah, love yoooooooo, 80s!

17 Kinds of Loot from Bike To Work Day

Bike to Work Day! It’s like a holiday for bike commuters. So much goodness being handed out by so many kindly organizations! My commute is usually around 4 miles but I did 10 this morning, hitting up 7 stations: The city’s Cycle Track Dedication (new cycle track on Barton Springs Road) City Hall (where I […]