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18 Words

OK, today I’m watching Alias instead of going to the gym, but it is the Quentin Tarantino episode.

18 Words to Describe Today

Productive, sunny, incompetently spiced eggnog, confidence from confidant, ran 3 miles in the dark, proud of daughter’s nomination

Day 17-19: Whole30 (Rollers)

Saturday was such a lovely, calming day, with lots of walking to and from errands and sitting on my patio enjoying the cool evening. Sunday I set out for an out-and-bike ride on Parmer Lane, which features some nice rollers (rolling hills) through ranch land. I’ve done the 25-mile ride there a few times, but […]

Your New Color: 18-32-24

Pantone, the high priest/corporation of color, has announced the color of the year for 2014: Radiant Orchid (Pantone No. 18-32-24). They began selecting “colors of the year” in 2000, and purportedly try to pick something that reflects world trends in color usage. Radiant Orchid made the grade this year because it “reaches across the color wheel […]

Sonnet 18

Tom Hiddleston reading Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18. YOU’RE WELCOME.

18 Songs for a Baby Shower Playlist

I put together a mix CD for a baby shower at work earlier this year, and discovered some nifty songs. Now, this WAS at work, and for a country-music-loving mom of a little girl, so I was operating within constraints that led to some eye-rollingly cliched choices, like All-American Girl and Thank Heaven for Little […]

5.18 Ride Report: Real Ale Ride

Mandatory music: You must listen to the traditional folk music of the Real Ale Ride. Go on, press the button: Today was the Real Ale Ride, which starts and ends at the Real Ale Brewery in Blanco. Did it last year for the first time on a rented road bike; this year I went out […]