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Day 2 of National Bike Month: Prefab Sprout

Today’s biking foray was only a short transpo spin to my new sister’s new apartment nearby, to sit on the couch all afternoon visiting with the fam. So I cleaned house when I got home just to get some activity in. In honor of this second day, here’s a piece of flawless heartbreak pop from […]

2 Words

Getting sick* *Uggghhghhhhgghhh

2 Days Gone

Two days into the November daily blogging challenge and I’m feeling too sick to do much of anything but share some Billy Squier and eat candy corn. No, really, the candy corn helps, although I think maybe the box of Hot Tamales is more stimulating to my system and thus perhaps more healthful overall. Man, […]

Day 2: Whole30 (Self-Efficacy & Potentially Moby)

There is a term in the health-behavior-change world called self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is your belief in your ability to succeed in specific situations. To put it plainly, in order to complete all 30 days of your Whole30 with no slips or off-plan choices, you need to believe that you can complete all 30 days of your Whole30. —The Whole30 […]

Step Up 2’s First Battle

I’m a huge fan of the Step Up movies, despite their terrible dialogue and seemingly computer-generated scripts and hackneyed plot devices. I just love fancy acrobatic dance moves, I tell you what. Step Up 2: The Streets is a fairly terrible movie, but it does introduce us to the Moose character, who is always delightful. […]

Here’s to 2 Steps Forward

Twin Peaks: Agent Cooper’s Coffee Supercut

Two peaks, but only one Agent Cooper: