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22 Words

Squatted, lunged, burpeed, mountain-climbered, donkey-kicked, planked, pushupped, biceped, triceped, shouldered, stretched, rolled, and smoothied my way through the morning. It was delightful.

11.22: Flash Flood Warning

Day 22: Whole30 (The Sugar Dinosaur)

I ran across this thought-provoking post about the effect of power, with a subtopic of the allure of sugar to a child seeking power. I’m not sure how to describe this post—it’s kind of a comic strip, in that text is alternating with illustrations. Go check it out: “Menace” from hyperboleandahalf.com.

4.22: Selfless Sportsmanship at the Boston Marathon

I just read this article about how Ryan Hall worked with the other American runners on the fly to help Meb win yesterday at Boston: “American Strong: The Untold Story of American Teamwork and How Ryan Hall Helped Meb Keflezighi Win Boston.” Now, we know that in a bicycle race such as the Tour de […]

3.22: International Day of the Seal

Today is the International Day of the Seal, which was established for a solemn and serious purpose (which is clarified here), but which I am celebrating with my favorite seal: the Bike Snob NYC original Seal of Disapproval. This particular seal gives no thumbs up to anything and not just because s/he lacks thumbs. I […]

22nd of 101 Ruinations

In a book called [you] Ruined It for Everyone!: 101 People Who Screwed Things Up for the Rest of Us, #22 was devoted to the person who invented vacuum-sealed plastic clamshell packaging. You know the stuff—it’s the hard casing you have to conquer to reach the toy or SD card or other consumer good you so desire. […]

11.22.33: Bing

22nd most popular song of 1933? Bing Crosby’s Temptation. Enjoy!