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Day 28: Whole30 (Cat. Stroller. YES.)

I was over on the Whole30 site, trying to see if many folks continue adhering to the program’s restrictions after the 30 days are up (consensus: NOT many, at least not in full). Anyway, I ended up reading this success story about an older lady who took up the Whole30 and had dramatic results: no […]

3.28.1941: Woolf Walks into the Water

On this day in 1941, Virginia Woolf killed herself. She filled her coat pockets with stones and walked into the River Ouse, after leaving a note to her husband explaining that she was being overwhelmed by mental illness for the last time. Such a shame! A super-fine mind came undone. She left some tremendous works behind, […]

28 Ornaments on My Tree, in Alphabetical Order

28 Thanksgiving Tweets

Sean O’Neal ‏@seanoneal Lined up outside the burnt ruins of a Suncoast Motion Picture Store. That moldering half of a King Ralph poster will be mine. #BlackFriday Jen Statsky ‏@jenstatsky Happy Saddest Day To Eat At Subway! Matt Roller ‏@rolldiggity I bet chickens have mixed emotions about Thanksgiving, because they’re safe for a day, but […]

9.28: Kerrville Sprint Tri

I was going to do my first olympic-length tri this weekend, but had to downgrade to a sprint, now that my lifestyle revolves around plantar fasciitis. Today was the sprint; tomorrow are the olympic and half-iron distances. I stayed at the Inn of the Hills last night—a stone’s throw from the swim start. Now that’s […]

Beryl Burton’s 28-Year Record

Beryl Burton was a cycling sensation and one of the greatest British athletes. As the queen of the time trial and the road race, she held a ridiculous number of records for years in multiple cycling distances; she set 50 new records for British women, one of which still stands (her 12-hour record). It took […]

28: Clearly Another Fan of Numericalness

The internet tells me other folks are fans of number-based blogging as well. Here’s a fun example.