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3.30: National Pencil Day

National Pencil Day falls on March 30 each year. Thank goodness it fell on a Sunday this year, because when the Pencil Day party falls on a Friday or Saturday, my hangover lasts for DAYS. But this Pencil Day, I was too busy editing a report on the costs/benefits of channelized right-turn lanes, so I […]

30 Squats

So, as a promotion for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, one Russian subway station is allowing passengers to do 30 squats instead of paying 30 rubles (about 91 cents) for their train fare. Since I heard about this, I’ve been mulling over what activity I could make myself pay for by doing squats first, and […]

30 Days: Victory Over Caffeine

As of October 30, I have gone 30 days without caffeine. Victory is mine! I’ve replaced any form of liquid caffeine with herbal teas, and haven’t done anything athletic in October that would require downing a caffeinated gel. To celebrate, I had a cup of decaf from 7-11, which I assume has some residual caffeine […]

What $3000 Gets You: Road vs. Tri Bike

The dude over at Fit Recovery (Jim) put together a handy post outlining the difference between road and tri bikes. He compares a Trek Speed 7 with a Madone 4.6. Obviously, a road bike like the Madone is far more versatile, but Jim stacks the photos of the two bikes, making for an easy comparison […]

30-Day Squat Challenge

OK, I randomly came upon this bonkers 30-Day Squat Challenge and, in fit of spontaneity and optimism, decided to start doing it on May 1. Evidently the folks over at Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans are starting May 1 too. Camaraderie and such!

The $30 Cure for Plantar Fasciitis (Now $30 Off!)

Back in 2010 I developed plantar fasciitis and it sucked in multiple ways on various levels over many months. I searched high and low for cures and tried quite a few of them. I finally kicked it, but had to try quite a few remedies along the way, each of which had somewhere between little […]

Wire + Fischerspooner = 30

Here is the original version of Wire’s The 15th and Fischerspooner’s cover. Which is better? Doesn’t seem to be much difference, so what was the point of covering it? Well, they had a good time doing it, probably.