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Day 9 of NBM: I Got You On Tape

Today I participated in the worst kind of bicycling: a spin class. It was not the worst possible situation, in that the room had huge windows looking out on a scenic vista. The worst possible situation involves a class in a windowless room, where the sweating cyclists steam up windows that aren’t even there, and all […]

9 Words

Living it up at HEB’s clearance section with RJ.

The 9 Lives of Steve

Steve is my cat. Here is a list of his lives that he has enjoyed/will enjoy. 1. Professional gambler 2. Seinfeld extra 3. The Asian member of Ocean’s 11 4. Cereal tester 5. Marine biologist 6. Black cat 7. Black dog 8. Piano tuner 9. Fez wearer

Day 9: Whole30 (Hannipals)

A primary goal for this month is to enforce lights out every night at 10. (Obtaining adequate sleep is a key component of the Whole30.) It’s not been too much of a problem so far, but tonight I’ll be watching Hannibal at 9, and that’s not a show I want the lights out for—before, during, […]

9″ of Bowie

“I’m Afraid of Americans” is a song David Bowie wrote with Brian Eno that is about Bowie’s horror at American culture taking over the world. His apprehension doesn’t stem specifically from the qualities of American culture so much as from the concept of homogenization—really, this song could have been applied to England during its empire […]

9 x 12 = Mala Beads

As today is the 9th day of the 12th month, we’re looking at the number 108 (9×12). That happens to be the number of beads on a mala, or string of Buddhist prayer beads (sort of an Eastern rosary). Theories abound as to why the mala, used by Buddhists to count off the number of […]

11.9: Happy Carl Sagan Day

Today was the 5th annual Carl Sagan Day. Congratulations on being made of star stuff!