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Day 1: Whole30 (The Quest for Chill)

So, starting today I’m doing another Whole30 program, a rigorous, comprehensive diet challenge. This plan dares you to eat super-duper healthy for 30 days, eschewing processed foods, all artificial ingredients, all sweeteners, grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol, and caffeine. I really, truly love how I feel when I’m following this plan, although it does present difficulty […]

30 Days: Victory Over Caffeine

As of October 30, I have gone 30 days without caffeine. Victory is mine! I’ve replaced any form of liquid caffeine with herbal teas, and haven’t done anything athletic in October that would require downing a caffeinated gel. To celebrate, I had a cup of decaf from 7-11, which I assume has some residual caffeine […]

8 Reasons To Shun Caffeine

It’s been 7 full days now since I last had caffeine. I know the addiction is almost vanquished because I felt its greedy fingers scrabbling desperately for a foothold this afternoon. All I could think about was how much I wanted coffee. Finally, I actually went into Starbucks, intent upon just getting a cup of […]

3 x Whole30

I’m a carb addict. Given the other things I could be addicted to, that doesn’t sound too horrific, does it? Carbs are legal, cheap, and easy to get; they’re not known for destroying lives or wrecking homes. What’s horrific, though, is I can’t stop eating something sweet/carby once I start. Even if I get so full I […]