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What $3000 Gets You: Road vs. Tri Bike

The dude over at Fit Recovery (Jim) put together a handy post outlining the difference between road and tri bikes. He compares a Trek Speed 7 with a Madone 4.6. Obviously, a road bike like the Madone is far more versatile, but Jim stacks the photos of the two bikes, making for an easy comparison […]

5.9: Victory Is Mine!

Wellllllll, look what I got in my email today: After much consideration (and beer consumption), we have determined who among the many applicants we received, will serve as a Beerbassador. We are writing you, because you have been chosen to be a part of this select group and serve as a Beerbassador. Congratulations! As a […]

5.5: Rookie Tri Race Report

The 10th annual Rookie Triathlon (a nice, short season opener) was this morning and it was full of challenges, rewards, and lessons. I’ll enumerate some of the lessons learned here. First of all, I was so glad that I’d done a dry run of the bike course last week, because I took a different route to […]

4.27: Super Squadra!

Today I took part in a road riding clinic held by the delightfully named Super Squadra racing team. (I really like saying “Super Squadra,” and am going to try to work it into daily conversation.) With the ride to and from Bicycle Sport Shop (meetup spot and a team sponsor), I put in 38.57 miles—officially […]