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The Forgotten 8th Category of Bikes

The Daily Burn blog recently had a post on picking the best bicycle for your purposes, which broke bikes down into these 7 categories: 1. Road Bike 2. Mountain Bike 3. Cruiser Bike 4. Commuter Bike 5. Fixie 6. Recreational Bike 7. Tri Clearly, they’ve forgotten the essential 8th category: the adult trike. I have […]

My 7 Cycles Choice

If you are thinking about getting me a new bike, I’ll take one of the custom frames from Seven Cycles, custom bike builders. I’ve already picked out my color combo: Electric Blueberry and Swimming Pool. Here’s the page if you want to play with colors on your fantasy titanium bike. I’ll take the Elium SL, […]

20 Reasons to Love Cycling

5.18 Ride Report: Real Ale Ride

Mandatory music: You must listen to the traditional folk music of the Real Ale Ride. Go on, press the button: Today was the Real Ale Ride, which starts and ends at the Real Ale Brewery in Blanco. Did it last year for the first time on a rented road bike; this year I went out […]

5.11 Ride Report: Armadillo Classic

Today I rode the Armadillo Hill Country Classic—a lovely charity ride sponsored by the Austin Cycling Association, which uses the proceeds to fund cycling safety education programs and Central Texas bike advocacy efforts. They offer routes ranging from 14 to 105 miles. I did 42 miles—from Liberty Hill to Bertram and back. My longest ride […]

4.27: Super Squadra!

Today I took part in a road riding clinic held by the delightfully named Super Squadra racing team. (I really like saying “Super Squadra,” and am going to try to work it into daily conversation.) With the ride to and from Bicycle Sport Shop (meetup spot and a team sponsor), I put in 38.57 miles—officially […]

19 Reasons I Should Be Named “Beerbassador”

So, Bicycle Sport Shop and Real Ale are looking for Beerbassadors to spread the good word about beer and bikes. CLEARLY I am qualified. Here’s what I submitted. Beerbassador Questionnaire 1. Are you at least 21 years of age? Yes 2. What’s your favorite chilled alcoholic beverage? Devil’s Backbone 3. How many beers have you […]