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Day 6 of NBM: Go Bike to Sleep

Today was the national Bike to School Day! I celebrated by driving my daughter to school in our car and then returning home to sleep til 12:30. An unconventional approach, sure, but we all have to observe Bike to School Day in our own way. I didn’t sleep last night (maybe because of the giant […]

Day 5 of NBM: Cinco de Biko

Day 5 of NBM: Cinco de Biko

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s Cinco de Mayo today, and not Day of the Dead. But Day of the Dead iconography is much more interesting, and also November 1 is so far away. More importantly, Day 5 marks the first day of National Bike Month I haven’t been able to ride my bike. I was […]

Day 2 of National Bike Month: Prefab Sprout

Today’s biking foray was only a short transpo spin to my new sister’s new apartment nearby, to sit on the couch all afternoon visiting with the fam. So I cleaned house when I got home just to get some activity in. In honor of this second day, here’s a piece of flawless heartbreak pop from […]

Day 1 of National Bike Month: Mark Ronson

Hey, it’s National Bike Month! I haven’t been riding much in months, because I’m not training this year (in a semi-voluntary vacation from triathlon) and my dog & daughter are both rather demanding in terms of transportation this year. (I once let my dog drive herself to the vet, but that didn’t end well.) So, […]

Day 16: Whole30 (Bike to Work Day!)

Today was Bike to Work Day in Austin. It’s the bicycle commuter’s holiday! All bets and diets are off! Do you know how many KIND bars you have to eat before you never want to see another one in your life? 4. The answer is 4.

4.5% Is a Good Start

Hey, good news from the Austin Business Journal: “Of the largest 100 urban areas in the country, Austin had the third-highest decrease in the proportion of workers commuting to work by private car or van, according to the report. Between the year 2000 and 2011, 4.5 percent of Austin-area commuters stopped driving to work.” Only […]

Kubrick Fans Coming In At 4.0; Bicycle Fans Not So Lucky

OK, so some mathy dudes have gotten together and developed a (highly subjective) ranking system that quantifies a thing’s overall quality in terms of its fans awfulness. Their chart, Ruined By Its Fans, covers a wide variety of activities, bands, directors, hobbies, events, and other pop culture elements. For example, the work of Stanley Kubrick […]