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1st Actual Jade Rabbit in the Moon

Today China launched a rocket to the moon hauling a lunar rover named the Jade Rabbit (or Yutu). East Asian cultures have a variety of tales about a jade rabbit who lives in the moon. The Chinese celebrate the story of the jade rabbit at the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. As the full moon rises in […]

Poetry in Flames, 3 Lines at a Time

The riotously, gloriously funny Glen Weldon issued this insta-classic tweet on March 20: Carruth, Carruth, Carruth is on FIRE! – Thing poet Hayden Carruth was often heard muttering to himself upon completing a good tercet.*  I immediately recognized the name Hayden Carruth—he’s the editor of a much-thumbed poetry compilation—but realized I didn’t know a single […]


The moon was just as bright tonight as last night’s full moon, glowing like it had nothing else to do. Technically, though, it’s only 97% full, waning gibbous (gibbous means greater than half but not quite full). The average lunar cycle is 29.53 days, although the moon needs only 27.3 days to orbit Earth. The […]