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Well, You Just Have the 1

I read the most wonderful rant on the PaleoPlan blog about body image, and what it takes to achieve your ideal body image, and why you need to take your genetic predisposition into account. As someone with the build of an Irish bar maid (wide shouldered and big hipped), I know I’ll always be at […]

The $30 Cure for Plantar Fasciitis (Now $30 Off!)

Back in 2010 I developed plantar fasciitis and it sucked in multiple ways on various levels over many months. I searched high and low for cures and tried quite a few of them. I finally kicked it, but had to try quite a few remedies along the way, each of which had somewhere between little […]

3 x Whole30

I’m a carb addict. Given the other things I could be addicted to, that doesn’t sound too horrific, does it? Carbs are legal, cheap, and easy to get; they’re not known for destroying lives or wrecking homes. What’s horrific, though, is I can’t stop eating something sweet/carby once I start. Even if I get so full I […]