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25 Songs About Fixing Your Brain: Antidepressants and Such

Today’s playlist is all about stuff we put on our brains. Don’t worry, I got that one Dokken song. Two songs are unavailable via Spotify, so below I’ve got Lloyd Cole on the WordPress player plus a killer track via embedded YouTube. Below that is the Spotify playlist. Note: most of these songs are either implicitly or explicitly […]

12 More Christmas Songs That Don’t Suck

Today Roof Pig is one year old. I kicked off this blog with a list of 12 Christmas songs you’re probably not sick of. Today I’ve got 12 more, with a Spotify player below so you can hear all of them. Happy Birthday Guadalupe by The Killers: I’ve just learned today that The Killers release […]

24 Supernatural Songs

Supernatural is a hilarious, ridiculous, long-running show on the CW about 2 VERY pretty brothers (Sam and Dean Winchester) who battle supernatural entities for a living: demons, angels, vampires, ghosts, demigods, what have you. Now in its 9th season, multiple characters have been killed off and then resurrected multiple times. I watched the pilot and […]