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25 Songs About Fixing Your Brain: Antidepressants and Such

Today’s playlist is all about stuff we put on our brains. Don’t worry, I got that one Dokken song. Two songs are unavailable via Spotify, so below I’ve got Lloyd Cole on the WordPress player plus a killer track via embedded YouTube. Below that is the Spotify playlist. Note: most of these songs are either implicitly or explicitly […]

22 Benefits of, Insights into, and Tidbits about Bicycling from This One Article Alone

I’ve just read this article, The Cycle Path to Happiness, and it is full of fascinating items. 1. [R]iding a bike has extraordinary effects on our brain chemistry. (I know it makes me grin like a fool, likely due to some sort of chemistry.) 2. You need only look at the physique of Bradley Wiggins to appreciate […]