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6 Russian Idioms

When learning a new language, idioms often present the greatest challenges to sounding like a native speaker. Idioms are those weird little phrases that you naturally pick up over time but don’t actually make literal sense. Here’s a sentence loaded with idioms: I have a soft spot for the black sheep; he’s always the underdog. […]

Dave Brubeck Took 5, Helped End Cold War

A year ago today Dave Brubeck died. In reading about his life—his disabilities, setbacks, missteps—it became clear that all the events in his life led him to the creation of the jazz masterpieces, which flowed from his collaboration with like-minded musicians, and potentially changed the course of human history. Here’s something you may not know […]

30 Squats

So, as a promotion for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, one Russian subway station is allowing passengers to do 30 squats instead of paying 30 rubles (about 91 cents) for their train fare. Since I heard about this, I’ve been mulling over what activity I could make myself pay for by doing squats first, and […]