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Day 4: Chasing the Sugar Dragon

Mandatory Music: you must listen to this Steely Dan song about chasing the dragon while reading this post: The Whole30 folks characterize the cravings for sweets as the sugar dragon. In street parlance (of the 1970/80s anyway, when Steely Dan recorded their song), chasing the dragon means boiling up some heroin to inhale the vapors. While […]

19 Kinds of Smartass

Mandatory Music: you must age along with everyone else while reading this post. Go on, press the button. The Olympic-level smartasses in Steely Dan*, whom the internet long ago revealed as epic mischief makers, wrote the seamless groove “Hey Nineteen” about the frustration of an older man dating a younger woman who doesn’t share his […]

26.2 at 82

Mandatory Music: listen to this while reading this post if your superfine mind has come undone. Go on, press the button: My preparation for the Zooma Half Marathon has been somewhat slapdash recently, even though I’m working with the delightful and effective Rogue Running. However, they can’t be effective if I stay home and eat […]

10 + 1 = 11, and Donald Fagen is 65

Mandatory Music: you must metaphorically sign in, stranger. Go on, press the button: Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen had a birthday yesterday (the 10th); he turned 65. (Today he’s 65 years, 1 day.) A tweet from John Mulaney alerted me to this auspicious occasion (“Does Donald Fagen already have a Penguin Soda Maker? It’s his birthday […]

10 Fez Pros/Cons

Mandatory Music: you must do it with the fez on. Go on, press the button: Pros 1. The fez at one time represented equality, as the same sultan who required all the Turks to abandon turbans in favor of fezzes also kicked off the Ottoman empire version of glasnost. 2. Not sure what to wear […]

19 Steely Dan Songs I Can Name Off the Top of My Head

Sign In Stranger Bodhisattva Monkey In Your Soul Any Major Dude Charlie Freak Gaucho Josie Peg Bad Sneakers Black Friday Chain Lightning Dirty Work Home At Last The Fez Pretzel Logic My Rival Kid Charlemagne Black Cow Rose Darling