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Day 22: Whole30 (The Sugar Dinosaur)

I ran across this thought-provoking post about the effect of power, with a subtopic of the allure of sugar to a child seeking power. I’m not sure how to describe this post—it’s kind of a comic strip, in that text is alternating with illustrations. Go check it out: “Menace” from hyperboleandahalf.com.

26 Grams of Sugar

I gave up eating anything with sugar added on January 23, 2014. If you think that sounds like a pain-in-the-ass rule to follow, you are right. I’ve had to amend it to “knowingly eat anything with sugar added,” as I’ve run into quite a few suspect salad dressings in restaurants, and had the horrible realization […]

3 x Whole30

I’m a carb addict. Given the other things I could be addicted to, that doesn’t sound too horrific, does it? Carbs are legal, cheap, and easy to get; they’re not known for destroying lives or wrecking homes. What’s horrific, though, is I can’t stop eating something sweet/carby once I start. Even if I get so full I […]