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19 Words

When breakfast is black coffee and lunch is a double mocha, sleep stays away. “Clearly I’m not wanted here.”

3.7.13: The Day I Learned Of Coffee Butter

Some days, you just get out of bed, head downstairs, pee, turn on the kitchen light, let the cat out, feed the dog, check your phone, and think “this will be an ordinary day. A day like any other.” And then you check your email, because your phone is just right there, charging, and you […]

8 Reasons To Shun Caffeine

It’s been 7 full days now since I last had caffeine. I know the addiction is almost vanquished because I felt its greedy fingers scrabbling desperately for a foothold this afternoon. All I could think about was how much I wanted coffee. Finally, I actually went into Starbucks, intent upon just getting a cup of […]