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Day 3 of NBM: Braid, Psapp, and (terrifyingly) Napoleon XIV

In honor of the threeness of today, here are three songs referencing tricycles. We have Braid (emo band from back when emo bands had a hardcore undertone), Psapp (charming British indie experimental pop), and Napoleon XIV (CREEPY AS FUCK WHAT EVEN THE HELL IS THIS?). Braid’s “Under the Influence of Tricycle Mechanics” Psapp’s “Tricycle” Napoleon XIV’s […]

3 Words

Sick of dependents* *All of them: the cat, the dog, the teenager. They’re so…dependent.

Day 3: Whole30 (starring the Walkmen)

Mandatory Music: enjoy this stellar Walkmen track (“Angela Surf City”) while you read. Go on, press the button: In today’s Mandatory Music, the Walkmen (just the leader singer really, so the Walkman?) are mourning the loss of the titular Angela, a withholding ex-girlfriend (“Mine is yours/yours is yours/Life goes on, life goes on all around you”), although her […]

Step Up 3: You’re Gonna Need a Montage

You know what’s a much better movie than Step Up 2? Step Up 3D. It is still not a good movie, but the characters are far more likable and the choreography is fantastic. We get a lot more Moose (skinny boy with huge smile and great moves), a pair of insanely sinuous and chatty Argentinian […]

3 Facts about 3 Dog Night

1. Active from 1968 to 1976, 3 Dog Night was quite busy being successful; they produced 21 hit singles, including 11 Top Tens and 12 consecutive gold albums. 2. Their name comes from the Australian aboriginal practice of cuddling up with (presumably domesticated) dingoes to keep warm during winter nights: 1 dingo on a chilly night, […]

11.3: Seeing a Musical That Doesn’t Suck

Today I went to a local performance of Falsettos, a musical I actually enjoyed. The production was quite simple and stripped down, with just a handful of cast members and a set that consisted of two door frames, four red folding chairs, and a couple of large black boxes. Little dancing but all singing. I […]

3rd Chakra and Bicycling

I stumbled across an energy healer’s use of bicycling to heal 3rd chakra issues. Seems that the benefits of cycling are nigh unlimited. The 3rd chakra, located in the solar plexus, relates to willpower, self-esteem, and self-actualization—essentially, the ability to get shit done. Per the article, here are 3 ways cycling benefits the 3rd chakra. […]