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11.22: Flash Flood Warning

11.20.05: We Lose Chris Whitley

The video opens, of course, with Chris lighting up a cigarette. He died at 45 from lung cancer. You can hear his voice get softer, more whispery, when you spend a day listening only to CW albums, starting with 1991’s Living with the Law and going all the way through 2005’s Soft Dangerous Shores. When […]

It Takes 19 Lines to Build a Villanelle

Today is the 19th, which is another wonderful opportunity to post a villanelle. This one’s pretty famous, as the biographical note accompanying The Bell Jar often includes it. I’m a big fan of Plath’s work and of villanelles, and this one’s a doozy, so here we go: Mad Girl’s Love Song I shut my eyes and […]

18 Words to Describe Today

Productive, sunny, incompetently spiced eggnog, confidence from confidant, ran 3 miles in the dark, proud of daughter’s nomination

17-Year-Old Gets Into 1st AT&T Contract

$16 and change gets us to the front of the line

I love the winter holiday time. I love my carefully curated holiday songlist, the two weeks off from work (my workplace shuts down between Xmas and New Years), the general air of festivity, and colored lights. I love colored lights! I don’t like crowds much, though, and truly hate standing in line, so I’ve only […]

15 Minutes of Undivided Attention to Kim Kardashian (Sort of)

I’ve never given Kim Kardashian much thought, or any of the Kardashians, for that matter. But I’m going to give her my full attention for the next 15 minutes while I free-write some thoughts in  response to her photos released this week. When someone strikes me as an attention whore, my brain automatically shuts off […]