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Day 6 of NBM: Go Bike to Sleep

Today was the national Bike to School Day! I celebrated by driving my daughter to school in our car and then returning home to sleep til 12:30. An unconventional approach, sure, but we all have to observe Bike to School Day in our own way. I didn’t sleep last night (maybe because of the giant […]

6 Words

Got some ink for my birthday* *in honor of my favorite daughter

11.6.1860: Abe Lincoln Elected

Today we look back on the momentous day Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States, an event that sparked secession and the Civil War, which lasted the entirety of his presidency. He was re-elected in 1864, and then assassinated only 5 days after the end of the war in 1865. Going into the […]

6-Line Poem

You don’t see too many freestanding sestets out there—usually the 6-line stanza is paired with an 8-line stanza (the octave) to form a sonnet. Emily Dickinson, though, always did her own thing and created a self-contained sestet. Here it is: Behind Me Dips Eternity Behind Me — dips Eternity — Before Me — Immortality — […]

6 Russian Idioms

When learning a new language, idioms often present the greatest challenges to sounding like a native speaker. Idioms are those weird little phrases that you naturally pick up over time but don’t actually make literal sense. Here’s a sentence loaded with idioms: I have a soft spot for the black sheep; he’s always the underdog. […]

11.6: Whiskey Wednesday

Technically, Whiskey Wednesday was 1 week ago, as celebrated by The Hairpin post that supplied today’s Roofpig content. But, time is a fluid construct and art belongs to us all and life is what you make it and thus the following wholesale large-scale no-fail ripoff of the The Hairpin’s stellar idea: poems mentioning whiskey. In […]

Six Pack: The Movie

Remember when Kenny Rogers’ face was not terrifying? Gaze upon his completely human visage in this movie: