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5.5: Rookie Tri Race Report

The 10th annual Rookie Triathlon (a nice, short season opener) was this morning and it was full of challenges, rewards, and lessons. I’ll enumerate some of the lessons learned here. First of all, I was so glad that I’d done a dry run of the bike course last week, because I took a different route to […]

26.2 at 82

Mandatory Music: listen to this while reading this post if your superfine mind has come undone. Go on, press the button: My preparation for the Zooma Half Marathon has been somewhat slapdash recently, even though I’m working with the delightful and effective Rogue Running. However, they can’t be effective if I stay home and eat […]

On the 7th Day, God Did an Easy 3

There’s an old Runners World column by John “The Penguin” Bingham (my kind of runner) in which he chats about messages on running shirts. For a photo shoot for a NYT story on running, he wore a shirt that proclaimed “I’m slow. I know. Get over it.” (See, REALLY my kind of runner.) He describes […]