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Day 5 of NBM: Cinco de Biko

Day 5 of NBM: Cinco de Biko

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s Cinco de Mayo today, and not Day of the Dead. But Day of the Dead iconography is much more interesting, and also November 1 is so far away. More importantly, Day 5 marks the first day of National Bike Month I haven’t been able to ride my bike. I was […]

5 Words

Laughing at men’s rights activists* *fun activity with teen daughter

10.5: 5 Bodyweight Exercises

Do you wish you could get some strength-building advice from a guy with a Biblical-era facial hair style and eyes that seem to see deep, deep into your soul, or possibly just to the back of your skull, which is equally creepy? Then check out this video, because it is all that and more. Note: […]

Day 5: Whole30 (“GOD BLESS”)

As I mentioned yesterday, research indicates that the average craving will pass within 3 to 5 minutes, but research doesn’t give any stats for when your daughter is sitting next to you eating a bowl of cake balls she made last night. I do feel somewhat shielded from temptation by the 5 days of sugar […]

Dave Brubeck Took 5, Helped End Cold War

A year ago today Dave Brubeck died. In reading about his life—his disabilities, setbacks, missteps—it became clear that all the events in his life led him to the creation of the jazz masterpieces, which flowed from his collaboration with like-minded musicians, and potentially changed the course of human history. Here’s something you may not know […]

5 Jokes

A cop drives up to lovers lane and sees a car there. So he walks up to the car, and there’s a girl in the back seat knitting and a boy in the front seat reading a book. The cop asks the boy how old he is and what he’s doing. The boy answers, “I’m reading […]

1/5 of 5 Points of Advice to Young People

The Billfold, a finance-made-fun site that I visit regularly, posted a series of articles under the umbrella of Five Points of Advice to Young People on the Spending and Earning of Money. Most of the Billfold articles are brief and easily digested; this posts in this series look more like legal documents, but take a […]