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Home sick; watching Tick.

10.4: 10-4 good buddy, it’s time to put the hammer down

10.4: 10-4 good buddy, it’s time to put the hammer down

Testing out the WordPress iPhone app. That’s a 10-4, good buddy.

Day 4: Chasing the Sugar Dragon

Mandatory Music: you must listen to this Steely Dan song about chasing the dragon while reading this post: The Whole30 folks characterize the cravings for sweets as the sugar dragon. In street parlance (of the 1970/80s anyway, when Steely Dan recorded their song), chasing the dragon means boiling up some heroin to inhale the vapors. While […]

AI System as Smart as a 4-Year-Old Human

So, this is terrible news: an MIT-developed artificial intelligence (AI) system was given an IQ test by U of I Chicago researchers. They report that this AI system has the reasoning skills of a 4-year-old human, but lacks the ability to answer questions of “why,” limited by the flaw of any AI system in that […]

4.5% Is a Good Start

Hey, good news from the Austin Business Journal: “Of the largest 100 urban areas in the country, Austin had the third-highest decrease in the proportion of workers commuting to work by private car or van, according to the report. Between the year 2000 and 2011, 4.5 percent of Austin-area commuters stopped driving to work.” Only […]

4 Fun Facts about November

1. November was originally the 9th month of the Roman calendar, which makes sense, given the “nov” part (novem in Latin means 9, and more importantly, nueve means 9 in Spanish, a language I actually knew at one point). 2. Month-long observances in November include both National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) AND the Roman Church’s remembrance […]

Kubrick Fans Coming In At 4.0; Bicycle Fans Not So Lucky

OK, so some mathy dudes have gotten together and developed a (highly subjective) ranking system that quantifies a thing’s overall quality in terms of its fans awfulness. Their chart, Ruined By Its Fans, covers a wide variety of activities, bands, directors, hobbies, events, and other pop culture elements. For example, the work of Stanley Kubrick […]