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30-Day Squat Challenge

OK, I randomly came upon this bonkers 30-Day Squat Challenge and, in fit of spontaneity and optimism, decided to start doing it on May 1. Evidently the folks over at Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans are starting May 1 too. Camaraderie and such!

4.29: The Day I Got the Sad News about AV Club

So, I’ve just got the news that some of my very favorite writers are leaving A.V. Club: Nathan Rabin, Tasha Robinson, and Genevieve Koski. They’re joining Scott Tobias and Keith Phipps, who already left, on a new venture to be named later. My only consolation is that Sean O’Neal remains to write Newswire pieces. I’ve spent […]

28: Clearly Another Fan of Numericalness

The internet tells me other folks are fans of number-based blogging as well. Here’s a fun example.   

4.27: Super Squadra!

Today I took part in a road riding clinic held by the delightfully named Super Squadra racing team. (I really like saying “Super Squadra,” and am going to try to work it into daily conversation.) With the ride to and from Bicycle Sport Shop (meetup spot and a team sponsor), I put in 38.57 miles—officially […]

26 Ways to Wear a Scarf

“Wait a minute,” you’re saying,”this video here provides only 25 ways to wear a scarf.” The 26th is the way I usually wear them, which is left on the hook by the door underneath the various discarded bookbags. But I want to be a scarf wearer! So I am putting this here to remind me […]

4.25: It’s National Plumbers Day!

To celebrate National Plumbers Day, I’d like to share with you the information that the ENTIRE Super Mario Brothers movie on YouTube. Here’s a trailer for this monstrosity, which I first learned of when it was selected for an episode of How Did This Get Made? (Episode 47). Also, maybe I should just take a […]

Celebrating 24 with The Onion

Two Dozen More Bodies Found In Lake Wobegon LAKE WOBEGON, MN—Though local residents insist it has been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon, MN, their hometown out on the edge of the prairie, state police officials descended on the small community Tuesday when another 24 corpses surfaced along its placid waterfront. In the last year, […]