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.07 Blood Alcohol = Better Recovery for Women Runners

A study designed for Runner’s World found that women ran 22% longer the morning after drinking beer. Granted, the study group was only 5 women, so not super valid. But, as the author notes: Turns out the research on alcohol and exercise is as herky-jerky as our culture’s attitude toward the bottle. Most early studies […]

Well, You Just Have the 1

I read the most wonderful rant on the PaleoPlan blog about body image, and what it takes to achieve your ideal body image, and why you need to take your genetic predisposition into account. As someone with the build of an Irish bar maid (wide shouldered and big hipped), I know I’ll always be at […]

20: 1989

When I was 20, I was a sophomore in college. I led a vice-ridden lifestyle (including but not limited to cheap vodka and Alfano’s 2AM pizza), and so gained not only the Freshman Fifteen, but the Sophomore Extra Six Or Seven, Maybe Twelve. Arriving back on campus from spring break, the day was warm enough […]